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Kier celebrates Sheffield workers' qualifications

Kier Sheffield has recognised the work training achievements of 74 of its employees at a bi-annual ceremony, after many of them completed NVQs and other similar qualifications in a range of trade disciplines.

The national building company held the ceremony so that the staff could be officially congratulated by Kier’s senior management, represented by the Senior Operations Director, Phil Oades.

The workers had achieved foundation and advanced level NVQ certificates in skills including plumbing, plastering, joinery, electrical installation and heating & ventilation.

Mr Oades said that the workers had just cause to be very proud of their abilities to work and successfully train at the same time.

“At Kier Sheffield we employ almost 1,000 people from the local area and by encouraging participation in additional training opportunities we are ensuring the continuous development of our team,” he said. “The 74 employees who have achieved industry recognised qualifications have each proven their commitment to providing the safest and best possible service to the people of Sheffield.”

Many of the workers will be putting their skills to use on Sheffield’s public buildings and amenities, as Kier provides a planned and responsive repair service to more than 42,000 council properties across the city, including public building such as schools and council offices.