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Latest Figures Show The Country Will Be Begging For Gas Engineers

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The latest facts and statistics tell us there are serious threats of a shrinking heating industry which could place the country in a whole heap of trouble. The latest report addresses the issues surrounding a generation of existing Gas Engineers who will soon be retiring and leaving huge boots to fill for the up and coming generation.

With Gas Training Courses helping narrow the skills shortage, the demand for Gas Engineers in the near future is set to sky rocket higher than ever as the UK will have to compete with the rest of the world.

It appears the pressure will be on for the next wave of Gas Safe Registered Engineers as here's what alot of people out there may not have known... The average age of Gas Engineers has been going up while the total number working in the profession has been going down.

The report goes on to explain how their findings strongly imply that if the gas industry continues to go the way it's going, then by 2028, the country will be left with a big question mark and a big demand to fill.

Interestingly enough, the data shows tells us that there are around 1.7 million boilers being installed each year and 21 million being serviced. The question, well what happens if we do't have the skills to match such demand?

Statistics from the Gas Safe Register told us that:

  • 10% of Gas Engineers are older than 65
  • 29% are between 55 and 64
  • 38% are between 45 and 54
  • Most Gas Engineers retire at 55
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When taking the above into consideration, this means just under 100,000 active Gas Engineers will be retiring in the next 10 years. This leaves room for 40,000 jobs to be replaced. This wouldn't be such a worrying problem if it wasn't for the fact that alot less people are looking to become qualified Gas Engineers.

It's interesting to know and hard to explain at times as to just how booming the gas industry is. If the demand is set to rise as much as it's predicted, then will logically and surely bring higher paying jobs to Gas Engineers at the time!

It's looks as if those who chose Gas Training Courses made a smart move to secure an in-demand career!