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Latest Figures Showing Plenty Of Demand For Gas Engineers

Just this past Monday we shared industry news that shocked Kent's public as East Kent Housing had been exposed for their Gas Safety Scandal. The news told us that over 500 homes situated in the garden of England did not have a valid Gas Safety Certificate and hence placed many innocent people in danger of faulty gas work.

With the amount of reports on stories like this, combined with the amount of rogue traders we hear about, this leaves us with the question: Where are the Gas Engineers?

With the amount of work available out there from fixing faulty work, to housing projects and so on, it's hard to believe a gas safety scandal like this even exists in the first place! On the plus side, it goes to show the industry certainly isn't short of work!

Have You Seen These Jobs?

One thing students want to guarantee after successfully completing any Gas Training Courses, is employment. After becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, your opportunities immediately increase. Take for example this page of Gas Engineer jobs!


It's facts like these which immediately show the amount of demand for Gas Engineers and naturally, Gas Training Courses as without these the skills gap would only increase. Able Skills strives to eliminate the skills gap once and for all and help place people into jobs that will strengthen the country's economy.

Finding jobs is all well and good but how worth it are they? Research shows that the average salaries for Gas Engineers in London for example have gone up by a huge 5.4% EACH YEAR. Have a look at the below data take from!

Now the future looks pretty positive for Gas Engineers! It goes to show that construction is booming in a time of what appears to be economic uncertainty and we're glad to be the UK's number 1 training provider and being a dominant factor in helping people make a living.

gas training courses Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited

We've helped train both men and women of all ages and will continue to do so for many more years to come. If you have been considering a career as a Gas Engineer and are unsure of where to begin, please note that our Gas Training Courses cater for those with different levels of experience.

We are able to train those who are completely new to trade work, as well as those with previous Plumbing Qualifications. The difference is evident in our Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course which is 5 weeks, and our 7 week Gas Training Course for beginners!

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