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Latest Solar PV Panels Project Sparking Up Demand!

Not a week passes now when we don't hear great news about another Solar PV project adding to the rapid rise of the 'must- have' green energy technology around the UK. Recent studies show that the UK is now the world's fastest growing market for Solar PV with over 40,000 panels now adorning residential and commercial roofs around the country.We are all becoming aware that the days of cheap energy are over and the need to reduce our dependence on expensive fossil fuels. The demand for solar PV is snowballing as more householders discover the lucrative benefits of FeedIn Tariffs, which enables home owners to sell back electricity to the grid. Inevitably, the demand for the new technology means that more suitably trained and qualified electricians will be needed who are specifically competent to install Solar PV panels.Another recent example of the growing interest in solar PV is a social housing, eco-retrofit project in Stoke, designed to make the properties more energy efficient by reducing carbon emissions and also reduce the cost of yearly utility bills. The Council funded project will install over 50 south facing properties with solar panels.Mounting solar PV panels on a rooftop that is south facing, and therefore, exposed to maximum sunlight during the day, gives the properties the highest chance of generating a good level of electricity from the sun's energy, even if skies are cloudy.Learning to be an electrician today now involves understanding how to make a green energy assessment to correctly specify and install the necessary type of renewable technology appliances and system. Energy efficiency is now the number one issue and skills training in solar PV or heat pumps, for a plumber, has to be a key learning part of a student's training.There are now an extensive variety of electrical courses for those who wish to make a new career as an electrician. A beginners training, without any prior knowledge or experience, can be undertaken on a City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 course - Electrical 2330, which provides all the required background knowledge and is an introduction to the required practical skills before qualifying to progress onto NVQ Level 3 Electrical 2356. AbleSkills offer dedicated renewable energy training workshops in conjunction with energy assessment courses, which exist alongside brand new, purpose built electrical classroom/ workshop units.