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Learn how to tile before Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and it is that time of year when people being to decorate their homes just in time before all the family come over. However, the skills to complete various jobs often escape some people and that’s why the results aren’t always great. You could learn to tile a kitchen or wallpaper a bedroom at Able Skills, plus much more.

We have a wide range of tiling courses at Able Skills that are perfect to give you the tiling skills you need for various jobs. Whether you want to tile around your kitchen or work as a Tiler, we have the course perfectly suited for you.

If you are looking to do some tiling work before Christmas to give your house a fresh look, then why not come to Able Skills?

The five-day Introduction to Tiling course is fantastic for people looking to get some basic skills to do some tiling work in their own home. We also offer an advanced course and further progressions. Forget about doing it wrong and get some skills to tile the right way in your own home before Christmas this year. You never know you might enjoy it so much that you come back and complete a longer course.

Our longer tiling courses are extremely popular for all our students looking for a new career path. Some of our students might even begin with the short five-day course and enjoy it so much that they upgrade to the City & Guilds Tiling course and look for a new career.

Learn how to tile at Able Skills just in time for Christmas! Learn how to tile at Able Skills just in time for Christmas!

At Able Skills, we also offer NVQ training and on-site assessments to allow our students to achieve an NVQ qualification. The NVQ is vital for anyone that is looking to go and work on-site as a Tiler because it will allow them to gain a CSCS card that will get them on-site.

We have a mixture of men and women on our tiling courses and they all leave with fantastic results. The first woman to achieve a construction NVQ at Able Skills was a Tiler and she is now running a very successful business.

If you are interested in a new career or you just want some basic skills to tile your home before Christmas, then contact Able Skills today on 01322 280202.