Did you know that the earliest examples of Tiling dating back to 4000 BC? It was the ancient Egyptians who first started to use tiles for decoration and humans have never looked back since then! During the Victorian era, tiles were beginning to be mass-produced thanks to the industrial revolution, this meant that tiles were now much cheaper to buy and were available to the masses. And in the last 70 years, the idea of Tiling areas of your home has become almost a necessity for a lot of people when it comes to designing Kitchens and Bathrooms

Here at Able Skills, we are proud to be able to offer a massive variety of Tiling Courses, so no matter your level of experience we will be able to find you a course with us. If you are new to the industry then you may want to consider our Introduction to Tiling Course, this short intensive course will give those who take it on a basic understanding of the Tiling Industry and will help to put the basic hands-on skills in place if you are looking to move onto further courses. One of these more advanced courses that you may want to consider is our Advanced Tiling Course, this course will help you to build upon the knowledge that you may have already picked up on courses like the introduction course. If you are someone who is considering a career change and are seeing Tiling as your new career path then you should consider our City & Guilds Tiling Course on this training course you will be taught all the tough skills that would be expected of any Tiler who is working out in the industry. With all of our courses being lead by our highly skilled instructors who will be more than happy to share all of the experience they picked up from their years in the industry. 

If you would like to find out some more information then we would love to see you in person at our training center. We actively encourage anyone interested in any of our Tiling courses to come and have a look at our facilities before you book onto the course. When you are here one of the team will be more than happy to take you around and discuss which courses you are interested in and which may be best suited to you. However, if you cannot make it down to us in person then do not worry, you can give us a call on 01322280202 and the office team will gladly help you find the right course for you!