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Learning a new construction skill

Whether you are already established as a tradesman, or whether you want to add a new skill to your DIY set, there is always scope for adding a new string to your construction bow. Those who undertake construction work as a DIY venture can always afford to keep abreast of new legislation and heath and safety points, as there are always new ones coming in. If you have a DIY mishap in your own or someone else’s home, not only might you risk injury but you might also cause structural or other expensive damage. Therefore, keeping up to date on new construction skills will keep you and your work safe.

If you are a professional tradesman then you can significantly increase your income and your professional portfolio by learning a new skill, obtaining a new certificate or taking a test to increase your qualifications. For example, many electricians aim towards the 17th Edition courses to become qualified testers, open up their potential to be a supervisor and, of course, their level of employability.

Likewise, ACS gas courses are a popular choice for existing gas workers who want to move on to more advanced appliance testing or become more competent in pipe work.

Entirely new trades are always useful to add to a CV, especially if they are related to the existing skill. For example, bathroom and kitchen fitters will often choose to learn tiling or plastering to enable them to carry out a fuller job.