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Learning a trade after leaving the Army

Upon leaving the army, some people may feel a little overwhelmed at the concept of having to start again. Quite often, army leavers choose to learn a new trade, and construction and seeing a project progress from start to finish can be a very fulfilling choice. Another reason why people choose to learn a trade after leaving the army is because there is so much choice out there for construction work as a hands-on career.

For example, there are a great many plumbing courses available, whether people want to go into gas installation or kitchen or bathroom fitting. Different kinds of pipework and methods of installation are taught in these courses, and people can choose whether they want to progress to a supervisory level or stay at ground level.

Electrical courses are also a popular choice as they also provide different options of how far people want to progress in their proficiency and responsibilities. Domestic gas work, as well as shopfitting or larger projects, are all options.

Painting and decorating and carpentry are other options that are usually chosen by would-be tradesmen who have more of an artistic flair. Various decorating courses are available online to teach not only the different sub-trades of decorating, such as artexing, painting techniques and wallpapering, but also methods of design and consultation are taught on these courses. Business management is also taught in the event that people decide to set up their own business within their chosen trade.