Is Licensing the way forward for Qualified Plumbers?


qualified plumbers

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There's a new hot topic that's circulating the Plumbing Industry lately. Industry leaders are now discussing the potential benefits of introducing a licensing system that aims to recognise Qualified Plumbers the same way the Gas Safe Register recognises qualified Gas Engineers.

As it stands there are no legal requirements needed to launch your own plumbing business and to many people this comes as a surprise considering the amount of knowledge and experience Qualified Plumbers are expected to hold. This means anyone can label themselves as a Plumber without submitting any proof of Plumbing Qualifications or experience.

Is the United Kingdom late in licensing  the industry? As it stands, places such as America, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia have already made it a legal requirement for Plumbers to be licensed. Now in order to become licensed, aspiring plumbers must enroll themselves on essential Plumbing Courses that are City & Guilds Accredited for example.


What does this mean for the Qualified Plumbers of today?


The CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering) has presented arguments as to why introducing such licensing scheme will help the industry.

qualified plumbers

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Firstly, it would raise professional standards as those who are genuinely qualified will immediately stand out amongst other 'so called Plumbers'. Those who claim to be Plumbers without any real experience or qualifications will not be able to apply for such scheme as it aims to rightfully praise and promote those who are.

This in turn will safe guard the public from rogue traders the same was the Gas Safe Register does, as it will list those who are only qualified and competent enough to carry out Plumbing work. So if you haven't undergone any Plumbing Courses or Training, you're luck will have ran out should the scheme get the go ahead.

It's a very interesting topic at the minute for both the Plumbing Industry as well as the construction industry. We hear about more and more rogue traders taking money from the public and it's schemes like the Gas Safe Register which has helped minimise such faulty work.

But what do you guys think? Would you like to be part of such scheme? We guess it wouldn't be ideal for an unqualified plumber to find work as apposed to someone who has undergone all necessary Plumbing Courses to find out they have been cheated out of a job.