A new Semi-Automatic Power Screwdriver from Worx makes changing screw heads simple for users – by employing a similar method to that used when reloading a hand gun!

The Worx WX254L SD screwdriver comes with 12 different driving bits that can be swiftly interchanged through the ‘lock and load’ slide-action mechanism more usually seen in blockbuster action films.

The gadget has two rapid-reload cartridges that can each hold six bits, ensuring that it always stays fully loaded and the risk of losing the bits is greatly reduced.

Reviewing the screwdriver for gadget website, Gizmodo, Andrew Liszewski said that, as well as featuring the incredibly handy loading mechanism, the device has good power and is small in size, making it easier to squeeze into tight spots.

Liszewski said, “The screwdriver seems to appeal to a generation weaned on first person shooters that now has to battle something even worse than zombies or monsters – home renovations and repairs.”

The screwdriver also comes equipped with an LED guide light, which means that users will no longer have to blindly poke around in dark corners to find what they need, or somehow try to manoeuvre a torch into position.
The screwdriver will be released in early December.