Keith has been one of many effected in the fall of the iconic black cabs in recent years, and him, like so many others have decided to take precautions and train in a new trade if work is limited in the famous London cab.


Lots of black cab drivers has turned to the construction industry in the last few years and they have helped cut the skills gap. With their famous trade struggling they have been training as Electricians, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Plasterers and many more in a bid to start a new career.

As Keith finishes his electrical course, he looks back and he is very happy with what he has achieved at Able Skills and he is very happy that he made the decision to re-train.

Originally, Keith’s friend, who was also a black cab driver, decided to make the switch from the black cab to construction and he completed all his plumbing and gas training at Able Skills. The word soon passed onto Keith and he made the bold decision to come and train at Able Skills, and he hasn’t looked back.electrics

The trouble that has faced Keith and his fellow London cab drivers has dealt a huge blow to the industry, however, it has been at the advantage of the construction industry and Keith is one of many to have decided to re-train at Able Skills.

Keith and his friend are now planning to go into business together and combine their new skills to offer work in various different sectors. Keith will use his new electrical skills and his friend will use his plumbing and gas skills to offer work across areas of London. You might even get a ride in the famous London cab as well.

The chanced to be able to start fresh in a new career has been like a breath of fresh air for Keith and he said he couldn’t have asked for anymore from his tutors at Able Skills during his electrical training.

We expect lots more of London cab drivers to enter the construction industry, and they are always welcome at Able Skills to begin their new careers in one of our many trades. For more information just contact us on 01322 280202.