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Londoners may call out plumbers for variety of reasons

Most people will call out an emergency plumber when they have some form of urgent problem relating to their water or heating supply.

Such tradesmen are trained to be able to deal with a huge range of issues that your average homeowner is not going to have a clue how to fix.

Naturally, when it comes to the nuts and bolts of keeping water running around the house, you need to be able to call a professional you can trust - or face a few days without showering at home.

But the more glamorous side of the job pertains to the items that are actually installed to be viewed by residents and visitors.

Emergency plumbers are likely to be perfectly capable of making sure a new toilet, bath or sink you have bought is fitted quickly and effectively.

What you put in your bathroom or kitchen is completely up to you and there is plenty of advice out there regarding the options available.

According to Sara Corker of Sara Corker Designs, the number of possible items that are being installed has got fairly hi-tech.

She said: "A glamorous look. Clients are relaxing and spending more time if they can in their bathrooms - TVs in the bathroom are popular."

This kind of gadget may require the services of an electrician, while certain other decorative objects will be easy to put up yourself.

"Lots of mirror and glass to add light and reflection. Bevelled-edged mirrors and antique mirrors are very popular - bevelled-edged mirrors create lots of different beautiful reflections," added Ms Corker.

So from the colour of your toilet to the shape of your bath, there is plenty of fun to be had picking out your furniture, but be sure to call an electrician or plumber on London when it comes to the installation of more complicated devices, as they will know best. ADNFCR-2585-ID-800690557-ADNFCR