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Look out lads, the ladies are causing a spark

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Well lads, it looks like the ladies have finally sat up and taken notice of the wealth of job opportunities the electrical trade. Electrical courses have seen a big jump in the number of women getting involved, and several training schemes have been set up to help females get into the industry.With all the opportunities available for fully qualified electricians and domestic installers, it's no surprise that more ladies are looking to get into the electrical trade. Many women looking for jobs have been unhappy about the limited prospects on offer. Now, more and more are turning their eyes to industries which have traditionally been heavily male dominated - and training as an electrician has been one of the most popular choices for women looking for work.A variety of schemes have been set up to encourage women to get involved in the trade. One of the most high profile is a scheme in South London which has given 12 women the chance to become electricians. All of the ladies were living in social housing and struggling to find work in other industries. This scheme was set up to help ladies looking for work, but also to help address the skills gap in London and the South East. These areas have been crying out for skilled electricians to help maintain homes and businesses.Fully qualified electricians do a whole lot of good in society; they literally help to keep the lights on in many homes and businesses. If a community doesn't have enough electricians its residents and business owners suffer. Business can lose a huge amount of money while waiting for the services of a good electrician. Many of the ladies looking to get into the industry know how valuable skilled electricians are to society, and would be proud to serve their communities.With many areas in need of qualified electricians to plug the skills gap, it makes perfect sense to try and get more women into the industry. If electrical training is only really marketed to men, then half of the potential quality electricians out there are being ignored.Having more ladies in the industry would also be popular with customers. Many homeowners out there would be delighted if they could find a female electrician to carry out work for them. Especially women who feel uncomfortable being home alone with a man they don't know.Becoming a skilled electrician is a great way for not only women, but anyone, to become their own boss. After completing their training and getting some on the job experience it's fairly easy for anyone to set up their own electrical business as a sole-trader. All you really need are the tools of the trades and the get up and go to get out there and find some business. And remember, if you're looking to become an electrician Able Skills is a great place to start.Are you a female electrician? Or looking to take an electrical course? If so we'd love to hear you thoughts; just leave a reply in the box below.