If you are a working electrician who has not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying or somebody who requires an update on the topic our 6-day long 2391-52 course is the best option out there! Our City and Guilds 2391-52 combines all of the elements of Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and Testing. Today, we want to look at what this training involves , what you'll gain from the process and what some of our most recent students had to say about their personal experience...

What's involved in the 2391-52 courses?

During the 6-day course you will be taught by one of our expert instructors, who will go through everything that you will be expected to know about Inspection and Testing on both new and existing installations. The course is very comprehensive and will cover a variety of subjects such as; how to produce a condition report, how to understand and interpret test results, how to properly use testing equipment, how to safely isolate electrical and installations, how the commissioning process works and much more.

Our instructors are great at what the do and will take time to answer any questions and make sure that the group is happy before moving forward. They will make reference to Guidance Note 3 (The Institution of Engineering and Technology's guidance book on Inspection and Testing) and provide hand-outs as well as a learner pack. The process is mostly theory based however will involve some practical assessments to complete.

The assessment process includes one online multiple-choice examination, comprising of 60 questions as well as a written assignment and finally you will look to take on a practical assignment over 2.5 hrs to test your ability comprising of a full initial verification and a periodic inspection of a three-phase electrical installation and finishing with the appropriate documentation. This will be simple and straightforward as the course is geared towards preparing you fro this exam. If you 'd like to find out more or to book the course call us on 01322 280 202! We currently have spaces available starting on the 5th of April!

Feedback from our students:

"Very informative staff who were supportive throughout the whole courses duration. From having minor testing knowledge at the start to becoming very competent in a short space of time. The course was exactly what I wanted and it was great value for money!" - B Thomas

"Very intense course delivered well. I have progressed 100%! I use testing on a daily basis but Satnam still taught me better ways to do certain things and how to make more effective use of my time which is very valuable knowledge for me. I've done other courses here in the past and I couldn't recommend this course and centre more." - D Coleman-Mitchell

"Brilliant! Trevor on Zoom and Satnam on the refresher and practical were very clear, helpful and educational. I have progressed well during my time on the course and I now feel much more confident in my testing skills." - S Bradley

"Excellent, the course was put together well and delivered excellently. Really high standard of training. After the course, I now feel confident in my knowledge and ability to work on site when it comes to testing." - J Thompson

Contact us:

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