bricklaying courseCan you make the Bricklaying Wall of fame with our City & Guilds accredited Bricklaying Course? The essential skills of today are more often than not greatly different to the essential skills of the past. With the construction industry booming and struggling to keep up with demand, the criteria as well as knowledge may change and requires tradesmen to stay ahead of the game.

One way in which Able Skills are able to help tradesmen overcome this problem is through designing a course which ensures students develop specialist skills that are not only up to date, but can help secure work too. This leaves the ultimate question; what can the City & Guilds accredited Bricklaying course offer me?


bricklaying course

After being examined and officially certified by City & Guilds, we are proud to announce the exclusivity of such bricklaying course held only at our training centre in Dartford. The hands on course panning over 6 weeks takes a look at the following areas:

  • Half brick wall with basket weave feature
  • Attached and detached piers
  • Raking and cutting to a timber frame building
  • Cavity wall with window opening
  • Plinth brickwork

The key to developing such a successful programme was taking students from novice to competent and even allowing students to build a portfolio of work as they go. Students can expect regular assessments on the programme to ensure they can apply what they learn in a real life setting. The problem we find with other courses on the market is that they sometimes fall short of students expectations and do not meet industry requirements as not everywhere has the privilege of being accredited by City & Guilds!

Pictured above, we see students who have excelled so much on their course that they have created some real master pieces showing a natural flare to their craft. Done in only the time they spent at our training centre, teaching excellence guides students towards achieving their qualification.


Learn flexibly!bricklaying course

Yes, this is a 6 week course but we enable students to select the weeks they want and even learn on weekends should they have prior work or family commitments through course flexibility.

We make such courses even more accessible for those wanting to study with us by encouraging students to take advantage of our flexible payments plan. This consists of securing your place with a deposit, followed by an interest free pay as you train system.

If you feel like this is the course for you click here for more information.

In other news, Able Skills are proud to announce that more dates have now been added to many of our Bricklaying courses. Click here to see what you could be studying this summer!

bricklaying course