Yet another huge construction project here in the UK!


Now, it is Manchester's turn to get in on the action, taking on a huge £1bn project that will transform the airport into an international hub. Projects like this are beneficial in so many ways, not just for the convenience of travellers. Construction firms benefit, construction workers benefit and the local economy will sky-rocket!

The construction will generate around 1,500 jobs and land workers with a solid, profitable contract that will last for a few years. The new terminal is set to open in 2020, with the whole project, including the demolition of Terminal One and a new car park and access roads, due for completion in 2023.

This is a great opportunity for construction workers and if you are already in the business then you should do some research and find a large-scale project that suits you! Massive constructions need all types of tradesmen from tilers to bricklayers. A construction project is a process, which means no 2 days are the same. Throughout the project, you can be faced with multiple challenges which can keep you on your toes! Although the work can be stressful, it is also extremely rewarding seeing the finished results and knowing that you have given back to the community and the future of travel in this case.

Manchester Airport £1bn Construction


What's new?


"There will be something for everyone, with families able to take advantage of a range of shops and food and beverage outlets to suit all tastes and budgets, while business travellers will be able to take advantage of a host of new world-leading executive lounges."

They plan to increase the entire airport by 150% in size. This will mean a whole lot of new passengers walking around the airport and checking in. To facilitate such an influx of people they have announced that they will need 20,000 more employees! This is necessary to accommodate a projected 10m annual passengers. Furthermore, think of the infrastructure needed to allow that many people to access the travel hub, new roads will be built, a 10,000 capacity car-park is in the works and much more!


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Manchester Airport £1bn Construction


This project came about after statistics showed that there had been a rapid increase in the usage of the airport over the last several years. People were choosing to make international flights from Manchester instead of travelling to a global hub such as Heathrow Airpot, who incidentally are seeing a huge upgrade themselves. For example, Machester Airport saw 1.6 million travellers fly to the United States following their 7th consecutive year of post-recession growth. Overall I think that preparation for the future is the main focus of this recent shift in construction, the need to grow, expand and develop is second to none.

Inspired to get involved with large-scale construction?


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