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Mark Ghurkha feedback

Mr Marg Bahadur (Mark) was my main instructor he is a very tall and handsome guy. He is a really great gentleman with deep low voice. I worked with him almost for four weeks. He had a variety of skills and techniques in teaching methods and he always showed a demonstration so it was easy for us to understand.Sometimes he tries to speak nepali language so that we can help to understand what he is talking about, this is really helpful for Ghurkhas and I encourage him to learn more nepali words in the future so the communication between him and the Ghurkha students is better.I had a great experience and really enjoyed with all my instructors and staffs.Mr Jo is the happy man he is smiling all the time. Toby is a very busy man, sometimes I could not find him. Terry is a very strong man he used to give us hard time to break tiles but we could never break itThe above comments and suggestions are the best from me knowledge and ideas.Thank you very muchGopal sunuwar29/06/12