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More Gas at Able Skills

We are always keen at Able Skills to 'up our game' and stay ahead of the competition so we are constantly looking at the facilities we have and seeing what is the best possible use for it.This time, we decided that one of our Gas Centres needed a revamp but rather than update the existing one, we decided to build an entirely new centre.This project has been going on behind the scenes at Able Skills for some time now and is very near completion and will open within the next couple of weeks.The investment into this centre has been huge in many different ways. The financial investment from Able Skills Director Gary Measures has been endless and the investment from the staff to get this centre up and running has been one of weekend and after hours work so as not to disrupt the normal daily running of our existing Gas courses. Great commitment from truly great staff.The centre has been furnished with every conceivable domestic gas appliance with a particular emphasis on VOKERA boilers which we managed to secure built upon a great relationship with the Company and their belief in us as a training provider. This relationship will definitely grow but more about that in the future