The Electrical Industry is still very male dominated; however, this is slowly changing and the NICEIC are looking to encourage more women into the industry.

At Able Skills we have had many women come and train to be Electricians and they have all been very successful. They are now out there working in the industry and making a very good career out of it. However, it is still a massively male dominated industry but, slowly but surely this is changing, and more women are seeking the opportunities out there to become Electricians.

Our courses allow someone to start as a complete beginner and work their way up to leaving Able Skills as a fully qualified Electrician. Women should no longer shy away from the trade industry as it is a much more multi-gender profession and the opportunities are out there for women to be successful.

Women are at a huge advantage in the industry as there is a big push to get more women working and plugging at the skills gap. It is a fantastic opportunity to get trained up as an Electrician and help increase the number of female electricians.

We offer a variation of Electrical packages here at Able Skills to allow our students to gain exactly what they want from their training courses. From full time Electrician Courses to all the Domestic Installer courses as well.

More women

Emma is currently on the last week of her Electrical Home Study course.

In 2017 we have seen a huge increase in women training across our electrical courses, from the full-time, home study, weekend, and domestic courses. We believe that more women are building the confidence to work in the industry and this is a huge boost for the skills shortage.

If you are a woman that has also wanted to have a go at the electrical industry, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information. We also welcome visitors here at Able Skills, no appointment is required.