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Moving from the Army into construction

Many of the skills that are learned in the army are relevant to construction, therefore for those who are leaving the army construction can be an excellent choice. Also, some roles in the army require aspects of trades, and some may even be predominantly based on a trade – for example, the Corps of Royal Engineers employs heating and plumbing engineers, bricklayers, carpenters and joiners, and electricians. Many of these roles involve obtaining qualifications that can be used once soldiers leave the army, leading them into the construction industry.

Those who are in the army are required to work quickly, efficiently and under pressure, and often will have to problem-solve to find a solution in an unconventional situation. These skills can be directly applied to the construction industry and can form the basis of a very successful career in construction.

 Those who have been in the army but have not gained any formal construction qualifications can use their knowledge and background to succeed in formal qualification courses. For example, those wishing to have a career as a heating engineer can study gas training courses. Although they may have carried out similar work while in the army, without the right qualifications they will not legally be allowed to work with gas, so it is important that they gain the formal qualifications before working in the industry. Some trades such as plastering do not require formal qualifications, however it can be useful for those entering the trade to undertake plastering courses to improve their technique and make them more attractive to customers.