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Myths On Electrical Safety!

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Electrical Safety remains a dominant topic throughout the industry. With more and more incidents being reported on a yearly basis, an ever growing amount of people have opened their eyes to the bigger picture of just how essential health and safety is.

Although it may not be the most popular topic of discussion amongst tradesmen... This article may be for one of those guys as today we discuss a couple of common myths about Electrical Safety!

Across all of our Electrician Training and Electrical Courses, Electrical Safety is at the core of everything we teach. With so many people having different views, it can sometimes be hard to separate fact from fiction. This brings us to today's blog post as we seek to clarify some MYTHS ON ELECTRICAL SAFETY.

Number One...

Nothing Is Ever Inconvenient!

Safety comes first and we urge you guys to please bear in mind that as long as everyone remains safe at work, nothing is too inconvenient. An example of this includes when employees tend to work on live circuits because it's seen as too inconvenient and possibly 'unmanly' to put safety first and shut down the power.

Just yesterday we mentioned how there were 1380 fatalities and injuries in one year alone! (2016). How many of these incidents do you think were at the mercy of 'oh i'm sure it will be fine' or 'can't be bothered'. It is inconvenience or laziness? More often than not, the decision is yours!

The More PPE The Better?

Personal protective equipment is ofcourse a must have when undergoing any job. The thing to remember here however is when asking yourself how much to wear, don't think of it as a personal decision.

A component can unexpectedly fail and can literally be the difference between life and death. Anyone undergoing electrical work must abide by the rules and regulations that apply, rather than simply taking the risk. PPE must obviously be worn, but please make sure you know exactly what's required as there's no need to use unnecessary equipment. The chances are that there's a reason as to why certain rules have been made!

Are you Guilty Of The Above?

If maybe not you, then let's be honest, we're sure someone you've worked with is! Electrical Safety will continue to ensure it's voice is heard throughout the industry and even in the news.

We'll be surprised if you haven't heard of incidents in relation to electrical fires. The most popular one is probably the tragedy that was Grenfell Tower which shocked the public throughout the country.

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Naturally, the longer you've been working as a practicing Electrician, the more likely you are to have come across hazardous situations. Someone of your caliber will know just how much or how little people disregard health and safety. We believe good training plays a massive factor and helps develop good habits for working life and that's why we emphasize health and safety on all of our Electrician Training and Electrical Courses.

Whether you're new to the industry and thinking of achieving your City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course, or working towards your NVQ Level 3, health and safety will never go away.

Hopefully you did take the time to read this and we hope we help reduce the amount of electrical incidents throughout the country!