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New Build Compliance With Part G For Plumbers.

Amendments to Part G of the Building Regulations came into force on April 6, which means plumbers and those training to be a plumber will need to know what action is required of them to be compliant with Regulations.The new legislation, which covers enhanced hot water safety and water efficiency, has a direct affect on bathroom installations in new build properties, including, new dwellings created by a change of use or refurbishment to an existing building.With an estimated 600 people being seriously injured and around 20 fatalities from scalds caused by hot water each year, the new Part G of the Building Regulations includes measures to help reduce the number of incidences of scalding by a requirement for all baths in new dwellings to have a device fitted that limits the temperature to a maximum of 48??C.Part G also introduces a new water efficiency standard of a maximum of 125 litres per person per day for new homes. Currently, it is estimated that the average person uses around 150 litres of water a day. To meet the 125 litre standard, water efficient products will need to be installed.A vital part of plumbing training is to become aware and learn essential Water and Building Regulations to become compliant with legal requirements. Accredited plumbing courses undertaken at approved training centres that lead to recognised and verified qualifications to become a 'competent' plumber are vitally important to future career prospects.There are still may examples of illegal 'rogue traders' with little to no proper training only coming to light as a result of negligent or incorrect plumbing repairs or installations causing serious damage to properties and occupants.All those interested in learning plumbing are required to begin their training on the recognised and approved City & Guilds Plumbing NVQ 6129 Level 2 course. This must be successfully passed to progress onto NVQ Level 3 in order to be considered 'competent' to begin gaining valuable experience as a working plumber under apprenticeship.Opportunities for learning the NVQ 6129 Level 2 Theory part of the course means valuable time and costs are considerably reduced by being able to study Plumbing at home. In addition, plumbing weekend courses are always available for interested applicants with weekday restrictions.By simply getting in touch with Ableskills, you can find out about the different course routes to properly trained qualifications, with further opportunities to receive Gas training and green energy installation, such as heat pump technology.