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New dustless flexible tile adhesive works wonders for tilers

A new range of tiling adhesives aims to make life easier for tilers working on both small-scale residential and major commercial builds.

Davco Professional Powder Mastic dustless flexible tile adhesive from Parexdavco is for use for both floor and wall tile applications, such as bathroom floors and kitchen walls.

The patented dustless technology makes the product perfect for a quick, tidy and environmentally-friendly application. The product differs from traditional tile adhesives as it does not result in dust clouds forming whilst being mixed, which can often lead to a messy, lengthy clean-up operation following application.

The product's manufacturers feel confident that the adhesive will result in up to 80 per cent less dust being created during tiling jobs, which will help make work sites far more clean, eco-friendly places to work.

ParexGroup believes the product is a 'breakthrough for the tiling industry' as it will help to save tilers both money and time, as well as creating a healthier environment for them to work in.

Andrew Nunn from Parexgroup also made note of the adhesive's ability to be used on a whole range of substrates from concrete to fibre cement.