New-entrants Gas Training Package 2!


Here are Able Skills we are experts in teaching the trade of Gas, why not get involved as a new entrant. We suggest to students that they take on the New-entrants Gas Training Package 2 is that this particular package includes everything you need! What we mean by this is that upon completion of this course you will have all of the elements needed in order to register with the Gas Safe Register - which is a legal requirement when attempting to carry out gas work in the UK, Guernsey and Isle of Man. The course includes 7-weeks of intense training, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment (Which will be taken in our dedicated AM2 centre here at Able Skills).


Gas courses

Gas Training Courses at Able Skills


This is a perfect way for somebody with no experience to get started on the path towards life as an Engineer. This course is taught by instructors that know the trade inside out - so take advantage of this situation and try to absorb as much information as you can including tips and tricks that they have discovered throughout their years working out in the industry. You will learn everything starting with the basics and moving on towards the more advanced aspects of the course.

Following the completion of the 7-week training section of this package, you will begin working on portfolio completion, which is basically gathering evidence of work that you have completed, acting as proof that you can complete work to a high degree. To complete this portfolio you will need to work alongside an already registered gas engineer…If you for some reason cannot find a placement/employment for this then do not worry - Our partners at Boiler Medic can hook you up with a placement, with their assistance, you will undertake a variety of gas work on a variety of appliances to meet the requirements of the portfolio to move you on to your formal gas assessments (ACS). Obviously this will come at a cost, Boiler Medic only take on candidates from Able Skills because they know that we produce a high quality of aspiring Gas Engineers. Get in contact with us if you have any questions about this and to enquire about pricing and so on.

Now…The final part of this three-part package is ACS! Which will need to be completed before you are eligible for Gas Safe registration and this is a requirement for all operatives involved in the installation, maintenance and servicing of domestic gas appliances and pipe-work installations. Here at Able Skills, we have a dedicated ACS centre, which means that we can carry out the assessment right here in our training centre. The ACS exam judges whether or not you are able to carry out work at a level that matches industry standards.


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If you are seriously considering taking on gas training and possibly becoming as Gas Safe Engineer then have a discussion with us beforehand on 0808 100 3245 - We will answer your questions, provide you with advice and help you achieve your personal career goals. Otherwise, you can come in and talk to a member of staff in person. Feel free to come into our office during opening hours (8:30 - 16:30). We are open every single day of the week all year round! Alternatively, you can contact us on social media or even apply online via our website. Simply select the course you are considering and click either “Reserve your Space” or “Book Now”.
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Gas courses

Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited