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New Megger testers to be used at Able Skills!

Testing equipment is huge in the electrical industry and is a necessity when working with electrical equipment. One of the biggest brands of electrical testers is Megger and at Able Skills we believe that Megger provide the best testers for our students to train with.

We are expanding our electrical training facilities at Able Skills due to the high demand for electrical courses in the UK. With expansion comes new equipment and the latest testers will provide our students with the best training. The new Megger MFT1720 Multifunction Tester will be used on all of our electrical courses very soon and will give our students the chance to train with the new and latest equipment.

The Megger MFT1720 Multifunction Tester is one of the most popular testers in Megger’s range and we believe that this will be perfect for our students to learn with on their electrical courses. These Megger testers will be used for the majority of our electrical courses such as Level 2 and Level 3, Inspection & Testing and many more.

Able Skills have been a regular user of the Megger testers and they have helped many students learn various testing areas of their electrical courses and they have meant lots of student have gained the qualifications they need to become Electricians.

With our new electrical centre coming soon, it will be well kitted out with the newest and best electrical equipment and testers to give the students the best start in the electrical industry. Our new centre will allow for more electrical courses and more students to start their training and begin a new career as an Electrician.

This all round, multi function tester is great for testing domestic, commercial and some industrial electrical installations. This will give our students the best preparations for the real world of electrical work.

If you want to start your electrical training at Able Skills in our new centre and using our new Megger testers, contact 01322 280202 now!