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New Start In The Tiling Industry

Today's tiling industry is better than ever, why not lean into this market and take a tiling course at Able Skills?


Overall growth in this market is down to new residential housing being built constantly here in the UK.  There is a current demand for housing construction and this has seen a lot of trades become particularly profitable, in recent years.

Tiling is an industry that is on the rise, there has been an estimated 7% increase in UK floor and wall tile sales in recent years across the country. Additionally the trend for getting a professional in rather than attempting to DIY - is going to continue, which in turn is good for tradesmen. Overall there is an increase in the number of job opportunities there are in the workplace, this is a perfect time to get involved with this construction trade.

Why not take one of our many tiling courses and start a career in this market, considering that the projection for jobs and value in those jobs is only set to increase with the volume of housing construction.

Take a look at our current tiling courses:

We currently have 2 instructors here at Able Skills for tiling.

Just getting started:

These students have just started here at able skills on a number of different tiling courses; they are learning the basic skills, starting from learning how to tile both wall and floor areas and gain a complete understanding of the requirements for any area you are planning to tile. Take one of our tiling courses and gain some great experience.

tiling course A student starting on their tiling courses.

There are many different complicated parts of tiling from working around applications and plug sockets to understanding the correct adhesive to use for different surfaces. You will learn how to cut tile around windows and reveals, working with uneven surfaces, mixing and applying grouts and completely understanding the tools and necessary requirements to get a good job done that both you and the client are happy with!






To get the most out of your time with able skills take a course that gets you a certified qualification at the end of it, such as a City & Guilds tiling course or take it even further and take an NVQ Level 2 tiling course, which will set you on the right path to achieving an NVQ. You will learn all the necessary health and safety regulations as well as getting you geared for the real-world experiences needed to gain an NVQ.

You will need to be in employment to be ready for an Able Skills assessor to come into your place of work. They will look and asses your ability to produce top quality tiling work and that you are carrying out the necessary requirements (health and safety, general regulations. Plus making sure that you are using the correct Personal Protective Equipment. Once assessed and cleared you will receive your qualification, level 2 NVQ.


tiling course Tiling courses here at Able Skills



What is an NVQ?

An NVQ is a work-based qualification, to achieve this qualification the person must be assessed on their skills and knowledge about their particular trade, must show competency and ability. The reason it needs to be assessed at the workplace is that there needs to be evidence of the person’s ability and they must provide a portfolio of their previous work that will be judged against the average occupational standards.

More information:

To get more information on these courses listed above or to get more information about a different trade: Click the links above to check out individual courses, or feel free to call for bookings and for more information at - 0808 100 3245