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Our new Technician bringing great expertise to our Electrical Courses

electrical courses

Able Skills warmly welcomes are our new Electrical Technician Jonathan Parker! And what an honour it is to have you on site! Having your experience and expertise for our Electrical Courses will help students take their learning to the next level.

Firstly, how did your career within electrics begin?


Funnily enough it was all by chance. It must have been 1999 when I was just at a friends house when his father popped in asking if anyone wanted a job as his current company were looking for some additional staff. I was the first to stand up out of all my friends sitting there and it was exactly that which made me stand out.

He took me on site the next day where I immediately got thrown in at the deep end. The company there offered me a lot of training and I would have been foolish to turn it down.

Staying ahead of the game


Johnathan began his career at a company called Houchin Aerospace which dealt with Aircrafts. Being a quick learner, it wasn't long before Jonathan become an expert in all aspects of the company and even completed work ahead of schedule! Now that's not something you hear everyday....unless maybe when England reach the World Cup Finals of course....

Let's find out more!

electrical courses

Jonathan comes from a background which spans across almost 20 years dealing with various electrical work. Now seeking to transfer his skills, Jon seeks new challenges that can match his previous experience working for Hounchin Aerospace.

Such employment allowed Jonathan to work on aircrafts! Yep, that's right. In addition to his Level 3 NVQ in Electrics, Jonathan actually helped build and repair air starter units. For those that aren't sure what this refers to, it relates to the maintenance support systems of various aircrafts.

As well as planes built for business use, Johnathan also worked on public airplanes at airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick - the same planes you would expect to fly on! Now that's some responsibility!

What about Crocodile units? Although sounding like something we may not be familiar with, they require huge experience and knowledge to work on. Again Johnathan helped construct such units which actually provide power to air planes. An example can be seen here.

Now that takes some skills hey! We are pleased to have Jonathan on board and he's a true pleasure to have on the team here at Able Skills Electrical Courses. You can be sure to catch him on site if you ever pop down!