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Northampton family takes up plumbing

Those considering embarking on a plumbing training course might be inspired by the story of a team of a father and two sons - Chris, Daniel and Chris Chaplin - who are taking on the Northampton franchise of Drain Doctor Plumbing.

Both Chris senior and Daniel, who have experience running their own plumbing and drainage business, are now looking forward to the challenge of taking on the competition in the area.

Mr Chaplin said he has always been conscious of the need to provide excellent customer service to retain consumers and claims that the best advertising is always word of mouth.

"If you don't provide quality service they simply don't come back. There is a great business opportunity in providing a plumbing service which really meets the needs of customers," he stated.

He added that he was looking for a new challenge when the opportunity arose with Drain Doctor, which covers every county and major city in the UK.