Gas Engineers are needed within the industry! If you are considering taking on Gas courses and perusing a career in the trade there are few things you should know. Today in this article we want to talk about 5 reasons you should seriously consider  a new and exciting career within the gas industry!

Whether it’s working for a company, becoming self-employed, or starting your own business, the opportunities are endless. We offer a complete range of Gas courses and can help you go from no experience at all to being industry ready!

5 Reasons to consider a career as a Gas Engineer:

Firstly, you'll be in demand! The industry is short on qualified and skilled professionals. Especially now that restrictions are being lifted, businesses of all kinds will require the services of Gas Engineer. The legal requirements for ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineers mean your skills will always be in high demand. A career in gas is a secure profession, ideal if you’re looking for long-term stability.

Secondly, you will earn a very competitive salary! Gas Engineers being in demand means they have seen inflated earnings recently. Currently, people in the trade are on average earning around £37,500 a year! Those with more experience are seeing way beyond that and  If you choose to run your own business, then the sky is the limit!

It's a career not a job! Throughout the pandemic plenty of people have experienced job uncertainty and may have even lost their employment. Training and becoming a gas engineer gives you complete stability. The legal requirements for ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineers mean your skills are industry-recognised. Becoming a Gas Engineer is not easy and once you establish yourself there are plenty of opportunities ahead of you!

Plenty of opportunities! There are so many different routes and opportunities in this trade. For example, you could become self-employed as a gas engineer, work for a company as an installation and maintenance engineer or start your own gas installation and maintenance company. The opportunities are endless and two days are never the same!

The role is flexible! Working as a Gas Engineer means no two days are ever the same. You’ll have a new challenge everyday and be out and about attending appointments, not chained to a desk or business. Plus, you can set your own schedule giving you real freedom and flexibility. The opportunity to become self-employed means that you have complete control over your career and earnings.

Why should I study at Able Skills?

Well, we have been teaching the trade for 20-years! We aim to make the process from no experience to qualified as straightforward as possible. Which is why we group all of the necessary training and assessments in preparation for Gas Safe Registration into packages.

Our New Entrant Gas Training Package, for example, includes 7-weeks of both practical learnings and theory sessions, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment. Everything you'll need to get your foot in the door of the industry and become registered with the Gas Safe Register!

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