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Offices advised to use T5 tubes

Businesses across the UK might like to have an individual with electrical course qualifications install T5 tube lighting solutions in their offices, it has been claimed.

Kristina Simpson, founder of KLS Lighting Design, said T5s are replacing the standard T12 tubes as they offer improved energy efficiency and a better quality of light.

In addition, T5s last a longer - upwards of 25,000 hours on average - and they are available in a range of colours to help provide variety to illumination in different areas of the office space.

She commented: "It's a lot better now than it was - you can get your warm white LEDs, but the colouring and the sparkle and the warmness you get from a lovely tungsten light - it's not anything like it yet."

According to Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating, people across the UK look set to add more light and space to their properties this summer, with bespoke illumination one way to achieve a more relaxing atmosphere within the home.

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