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Oh Dear! All Eyes On East Kent Housing After Gas Safety Scandal!

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Recent news has emerged regarding East Kent Housing after discovering more than 500 homes are missing gas safety certificates! Being a major housing authority, the news has shocked not only the public of Kent, but the company is now under tremendous pressure from members of Parliament...

It is the Labour Party who are calling for the Conservatives to reverse the control of council housing and be overlooked by local authority instead.

When put into perspective, those 500 homes equate to placing a far higher number of innocent lives at risk with families of all ages being exposed to hazardous conditions and potential faulty gas work.

With politics aside, we think it's safe to say that that we agree with the Labour Party as they're pushing for Thanet District Council to carry out an "urgent review" on the Gas Safety Condition of all the homes they look after.

What Did East Kent Housing Have To Say For Themselves?

Not a lot! The huge reveal of such scandal came about last week leaving their 'Director Of Property Services', 'Mark Anderson' to resign immediately.

The argument is that with the amount of innocent lives being put at risk at the hands of those in charge of COUNCIL housing, it should be a no brainer for Thanet's local council to officially cut ties with EKH.

However, questions have also been raised as to why is such news only being discovered now? A Labour Councillor ( Helen Whitehead) actually claims the party have always had their suspicions...

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Here's what she had to say on the matter...

"We have always had serious concerns about the lack of accountability in the arm’s length model, but the first duty the council owes its tenants is to keep them safe.

Thanet, along with the other councils, has stepped in to tackle the gas certificate issue and thankfully the number of missing certificates is coming down, but it is clear from this that there is a wider governance issue and that EKH cannot be trusted to look after our housing."

If we aren’t satisfied that is happening then it is something we will look to bring before full council ourselves.

"Ultimately this is about providing a better service to tenants and their views matter most, but we do not believe the EKH model works.

Should Raises Alarm Bells...

As you may already know, the number of incidents that occur due to faulty gas work is utterly atrocious and had lead to many 'accidents' and even fatalities. This is reflected by never ending news we hear about so regularly and for more than 500 COUNCIL homes to be affected this way should raise big alarm bells for other tenants living in council housing.

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Hearing about rogue Gas Engineers lying about the Gas Training Courses they've been on is one thing, but to have no Gas Safety Certificates for hundreds of homes in another. East Kent Housing literally have no excuse for not having Gas Safe Registered Engineers to regularly inspect the homes they look after.

If you're a qualified Gas Engineer, it may be worth seeing if you can help! Even if you're looking to become qualified via various Gas Training Courses, being able to provide a gas safety certificate could literally mean saving someone's life.

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