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Options For All On Our Gas Courses

We wouldn't be the training centre we are today if it wasn't for the variety of Gas Courses we offer our students. Today we'll outline the different Gas Courses available to give you a clearer idea of what how you can get started into the industry.

The New Entrants Gas Course

This is obviously designed for those who hold zero or little experience working within Gas and want a course that is comprehensive enough to develop their skills to begin working as a qualified Gas Engineer. This is one of our most popular Gas Courses and runs for a total of 7 weeks.

The Qualified Plumber Gas Course

The Qualified Plumber Gas Course is for those who hold existing Plumbing Qualifications and therefore reduce the above new entrants gas course down from 7 weeks to 5. This is because of the pipe skills involved on the 7 weeks and we're happy to make it easier for you by eliminating what you already know!

The Boiler Fault Finding Course

gas courses Able Skills Gas Courses are Bpec Accredited

Looking for an add on course that allows you to fix various types of boiler faults? The Boiler Fault Finding Course is the one for you. It serves very well to aspiring Gas Engineers, particularly if they want to earn some good money on top of what they already offer.

If one of these learning options sound like they're for you, find out even more such as course availability etc by clicking here.