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Plumber training courses could help homeowners avoid floods

Tradespersons who have taken plumbing training courses may find that they are increasingly in demand as temperatures increase following the heavy snowfall witnessed across the country.

According to, flooding could become a problem over the next couple of weeks.

"With rain forecasted over the weekend and the run-off from melting snow to contend with, drainage systems and sodden ground could struggle to cope with the quick, unexpected deluge and flooding is a very real risk," it stated.

It could be that trained plumbers are essential to getting such drainage systems working again.

Additionally, those with approved qualifications could also find their services needed by homeowners who have problems with leaks in their properties.

The Consumer Council for Water explained that pipes may have become frozen during the cold snap, causing them to burst at the seams.

When temperatures rise and the water begins to flow properly again, however, leaks could become a major issue due to water escaping from the cracks in the pipes.

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