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Plumbers are needed Worldwide!

Plumbing is one of the biggest trades right now and lots of plumbing work is being needed all around the world and especially in the UK.


In the UK the shortage of skilled Plumbers is on the rise, as more people are deciding to make a career change and a lot of them are deciding to enter the plumbing industry by re-training. The amount of work for Plumbers is always increasing, because as more homes are built, more plumbing work is produced.

However, it isn’t just the UK where Plumbers are in high demand. Plumbers are required all over the world and majorly in Australia and New Zealand. Companies are pushing to employ Plumbers that have the skills and qualifications to complete a whole range of plumbing work.

The housing crisis is an ongoing problem in the UK and, as it slowly gets better, more and more plumbers will be required as the number of houses increases.

All houses will require plumbing and all houses will have plumbing problems, so the more houses means the more plumbers that are needed to deal with the problem.

Plumbing is a great career with great benefits, including good pay due to the demand and need for Plumbers. Lots of people are starting to train as Plumbers and they are starting to work out there in the industry with some of the biggest companies.

Here at Able Skills we are dedicated to giving our students the best possible start to their new career with training courses that cover all the required aspects of plumbing.

One of our current Level 2 Plumbing students, Hashmatullah, decided he wanted to change his career because he no longer wanted to be a cab driver. He saw the skills gap in plumbing and he thought this was the best option for him to go forward in the future. Also, he doesn’t plan to just work in the UK, he also has plans to work as a plumber in Dubai with his brother.

Here is Hashmatullah completing his course with other hopeful Plumbers. Here is Hashmatullah completing his course with other hopeful Plumbers.

Change your career today and become a plumber with training at Able Skills, the jobs are out their available with some of the biggest companies within the plumbing and trade industry, so don’t miss this chance. Contact us on 01322 280202 and book your course today.