The flow of income is on, as plumbers wages increase across the board!


Weekly earnings for plumbers across the country is now on the increase! Self-employed plumbing contractors are making a killing. Analysis of June payroll data for more than 2,200 construction companies in England and Wales reveals a month-on-month increase of 4.7% to an average of £1,132. The rise reverses the 3.2% fall seen in May.


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Plumbers in Yorkshire and the Humber saw the biggest increase in weekly earnings in June, rising 17.8% to £734, followed by Wales, up 9.5% to £1,004. Meanwhile, Plumbers in the East of England enjoyed the best month in June, seeing their average earnings rise by 4.3% to £1,336. which is the equivalent to £70,000 annual salary.

Plumbing remains and will always be one of the most sought-after trades... Water is obviously necessary for all diffrent types of buildings. This pay increase should be a great advertisement for people to consider changing careers and for young people who want to learn the trade, be their own boss and enjoy the rewards of being a valued and qualified plumber!

Plus, with the industry experiencing steady growth, plumbing is on the up, meaning that job security won’t be compromised any time soon. As long as there are pipes, drains and toilets, the world will need plumbers.


Want to get involved in plumbing?


Serious about taking up a career in plumbing? Becoming a fully qualified plumber will take some time, an absolute great starting point would be our plumbing courses, such as the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course. This industry-recognised course is designed to give students a solid foundation of plumbing, starting with the basics and over the period of 6-weeks progress to a comprehensive understanding of domestic plumbing covering both theory and practical!

We offer a range of plumbing courses, the course options are dependant on your skill, knowledge and previous experience in the trade. For example, if you are looking to grasp the basics and you have no idea, no experience then you would take an Introduction to Plumbing Course this course is 5-days in total and will give you the fundamentals. Including; soldering techniques, dealing with valves, taps, cisterns, pipework, plumbing systems, fittings.


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If you want some more information about any of these plumbing courses, you can come to our centre. We are open 7-days a week between 8:30 - 4:30. Or, if you would prefer to talk to  us feel free to call us with any questions or for bookings at - 0808 100 3245