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Plumbing courses 'may promote loyalty'

Sending employees on work-related training such as plumbing courses could encourage them to feel a greater sense of loyalty to a firm.

This is the view of Sarah Clover, a spokesperson for, who described vocational qualifications as being a great way for companies to ensure their staff have the right knowledge.

Training such as plumbing courses could be a good way to achieve this and there are hidden benefits as well, according to Ms Clover.

She said: "Work-related training benefits all sectors who strongly promote it, as employees who have ... gained qualifications in this manner are usually loyal to the organisation that provided [them]."

The industry commentator pointed out that such courses are especially good for people who can study them alongside their job, since it means they do not incur large debts in the way a university student might.

Her remarks were made in response to a report by Ofsted, which indicated employers gain benefits from having motivated staff.

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