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Plumbing Students back for their Gas Courses

plumbingOur plumbing courses and gas courses are without doubt up there with the most popular courses we offer. They easily come hand in hand together and most students will take both courses.

A few weeks ago, saw the end of another fantastic City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course here at Able Skills, with lots of students extremely happy with their courses. Many of them are now back for more with on our gas courses start this week. Going back a few months some of these students were completely new to the industry, however, they are now fully qualified Plumbers going for their gas qualifications.

We spoke to some of our students that have come back for their gas training starting this week. Finding out why these students are retraining is great, they all have fantastic stories and future plans sound great. Read their stories below:


Firstly, we have Derren who is a familiar face here at Able Skills. Derren is currently on his 5th different course at our centre. Previously, he was a transport manager at Morrisons and decided it was time for a change and time to work for himself. Starting earlier this year, Derren began with six weeks of training in our Bricklaying centre and then complete three weeks on both tiling and plastering, before starting his level 2 plumbing course. Derren doesn’t plan to stop there, he is enrolled on to the City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course in September. He plans to work self-employed and is ready to handle any job thrown at him.


Paul is another that has come from a completely different career and is looking to join the plumbing and gas industry. Previously he was working as an Environmental Cleaner and was made redundant. Paul took the chance to make a change into a career that he has always been interested in. He plans to set up his own business after his gas course and after conversations with Derren, he is now considering the electrical training.


Next up is Andrew who has been successfully running a catering company for many years and he decided that he wanted to try his hand at something completely different. His catering company is still going and is in the hands of other family members as he goes out to search for a new career. He has roughly enjoyed his course and not at once did he feel outcasted for not having previous experience because others were in the same boat.


James has been through many different jobs that have all been leading to his future career path. He is looking at going into Property Development and his previous skills matched with his new skills put him in a great position to start his new career. His skills include, kitchen fitting, bathroom fitting, window fitting and estate agents. James has now got his plumbing qualifications and has now started his gas course. He was full of praise for Jim during his plumbing course.


Last but not at all least, we have Marek. Marek was not on the most recent plumbing course but he did complete the plumbing qualification seven years ago with us. He has since been carrying out lots of work but felt he was losing jobs because he didn’t have his gas qualifications. Marek is now back at Able Skills to get the gas qualifications he needs to get more work.

They all have some great stories and we would like to wish them all the best of luck with their gas course for the next five weeks.