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Pre-Winter House Health Check Up

About this time, every year, the advice is given out to all property owners to conduct a timely house health check up as the first signs of autumn appear. Sadly, all too often the sensible words of advice are not always heeded and inevitably, another hard winter sees the depressing list of statistics of people overcome by burst water pipes, blocked radiators, overflowing gutters, falling slates and detached aerials.Better safe than sorry - and soaring house insurance premium renewals! Now really is the time to prevent a disaster waiting to happen!The ideal inspection of your property should be twice year, once in the Autumn for accident prevention, and once in the Spring, to repair any accident damage - with an increased list of items to check each time. Just by taking a small amount of time to carrying out a little regular maintenance, you will avoid unnecessary problems and save potentially untold amounts of money.If you're not sure about carrying these checks out, then AbleSkills offers short Handyman courses ,City & Guilds Multiskills courses and even DIY courses, which can give you practical advice on electrics, plumbing, heating and decorating issues.Why not make a note to do that check NOW, so you can put anything right which will prevent suffering untold aggravation and misery during the winter.The following checklist will help to ensure you do not miss out on examining the most important items.Exterior Checks - mostly a ground level check is sufficient to detect some sign of a problem.