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Premiership side may have needed services of workers on plumbing courses

Sunderland FC may have needed to call on the expertise of an engineer who has completed plumbing courses on Saturday (October 2nd).

The Premiership football side were facing Manchester United - a game that ended 0-0 - at the Stadium of Light, but the maintenance team had to deal with an emergency as a sewage pipe burst in the away dressing room before the match.

Plenty of kit and other clothing had to be bundled into bags to be incinerated and Sunderland will have no doubt had to speak to a technician who had taken plumbing courses in order to fix the problem.

"My suit's in the skip being burned for health reasons," said United defender John O'Shea.

"Thank goodness we weren't all sitting down underneath the ceiling when it happened."

Recently, fellow Premiership side Tottenham Hotspur announced that they intend to invest