Becoming Gas Safe Registered is the stamp of approval with the industry. It is also a legal requirement for anybody working with gas. Meaning anybody looking to conduct work involving gas appliances must be registered.

This does not mean however, that everyone advertising themselves as a Gas Engineer is registered, which is why you should always ask to see engineers' card. Today, we want to talk about how you can prepare for Gas Safe Registration here at Able Skills a trusted provider of gas training courses for 20-years!

In preparation for registering for Gas Safe you will need a completed portfolio showing evidence of your work on the job as well as a successful ACS Assessment. Your portfolio must be completed on a real job. You cannot fill in the portfolio with tasked completed within a simulated environment. Here at Able Skills, we are partners wit Boiler Medic who take our students out in the industry with Registered Engineers to complete their portfolio correctly.

What is an ACS Assessment?

An ACS Assessment is a test that focuses on being safe using different appliances. Everybody will take the initial module named CCN1 which covers the basics of core gas safety. From there, the test you personally take will depend on the evidence you collected during the portfolio section. Once completed you will have to renew your ACS every year!

Gas courses
  1. CENWAT1: Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters
  2. MET1: Meters
  3. CKR1: Domestic Cookers
  4. HTR1: Gas Fires & Wall Heaters
  5. CPA1: Combustion Performance Analysis

Why is being Gas Safe Registered Important?

Well, aside from the fact that it is a legal requirement here in the UK. You will find it more trouble than it's worth if you try and take on Gas work without begin registered. For example, a man in Devon back in 2019 completed a commercial gas safety check at a take-away business in Teignmouth. He did the work illegally using a  Gas Safe registration number from his employer.

At a later date visits by correctly registered engineers found numerous concerns with the gas appliances at the takeaway. Meaning he had put lives in danger. Gas is a serious topic as incorrect use of gas appliances can cause serious health concerns through things like Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

 He has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for each offence, suspended for 12 months. One job cost him a year without earnings. Do not cut corners with Gas Safe, they even carry out investigations themselves on a regular basis. Additionally, for the public using an illegal gas worker could invalidate the warranty on your boiler and may invalidate your home insurance.

More Information:

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