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Promoting Green Jobs Conference Highlights Skills Demand

The increasing demand for qualified skills in key green energy technology is once again in the news. At a major European Union 'Promoting Green Jobs' conference held in Brussels it was highlighted that increasingly, women are being called upon to train to fill the skills gap.It was also stated that the 'future of green innovation' and working towards a more sustainable future for trainee students lay with skilled qualifications. It was suggested that working in green energy jobs required the ability to 'look at all aspects' and women, as natural multi-taskers, should be involved in green technology.Looking forward positively, training for the green jobs of today are viewed as the regular jobs of the future as companies adapt to the changing climate. Some working in fields such as biomass and other renewables technology, e.g. PV solar and ground source heat pumps, will increase as a result of climate change, whilst others will simply change to encompass a company's environmental initiatives.Today's electrical trainees need to recognise the important role they are being asked to play by training to be properly qualified to correctly and safely install new green energy technologies and products designed to help protect the environment.Consequently, it is the approved skills training centres, like Able Skills, where dedicated training facilities for 'green' energy assessment and installation have been specifically created to deliver green energy courses to both male and female students on electrical courses.The first step on the career path to enter the electrical industry as a competent electrician is recognised as the accredited City & Guilds Electrical NVQ 2330, Level 2 qualification. Natural career progression leads onto the City & Guilds NVQ 2356 Level 3. At Able Skills, a range of related electrician courses for key important knowledge areas an electrician should possess in order to develop valuable career and future service potential, can also be undertaken.