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PV training 'could be popular for microgeneration'

Professionals across the UK may be interested in taking PV training courses over the coming months in order to meet the growing demand for residential renewable energy production, it has been stated.

Daniel Green, chief executive officer at HomeSun, said demand for renewable energy has "exploded" over recent months as the introduction of the new Green Deal gets closer and the feed-in tariff has meant that Brits have access to funding to make these sustainable changes to their property.

He commented: "[The feed-in tariff] has been ultimately phenomenally successful in terms of getting people to change their view of microgeneration and change their behaviour."

Earlier this month, the Department of Energy & Climate Change revealed more details of the government's incoming Green Deal.

It stated that if a measure is capable of paying for itself because occupiers use less energy as result of the installation, then it can potentially qualify for funding.

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