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PV training course graduates 'should remain positive'

Individuals who have completed PV training courses in recent months should remain optimistic when job hunting, a sector expert has stated.

Denise Taylor, author of 'How to get a job in the recession', said people simply need to stay focused and should do all they can not to be disheartened if results do not happen overnight.

She commented: "If you are going to fill in a new application, apply for a job or go for an interview and think 'I'm just not going to get it,' that's what happens."

As a result, Ms Taylor stated that people must go in thinking 'yes I can do it'.

Daniel Green, chief executive officer at HomeSun, recently argued that many homeowners across the UK have shown an interest in microgeneration systems in recent months, which could be good news for those who have PV training qualifications.

He added that the government's feed-in tariff has been essential in helping people to see the benefits of updating their home energy efficiency.

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