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PV training still relevant for UK consumers

British homes could benefit from the installation of solar panels despite the often overcast and dull weather that is seen across the country, those on PV training courses could be pleased to hear.

Ian Reilly, business development manager at Beyond Building Solar, said more people should embrace solar panel installations for their homes as it can be an excellent way to cut back on bills, as well as reducing carbon emissions and helping the environment.

He commented: "Fortunately, solar power doesn't rely purely on beautiful sunny days. It can be a reflected light coming through from cloud cover as well, and it will still operate to a certain extent on those days."

Meanwhile, Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council, recently noted that carrying out home improvement that are beyond an individual's skill set can be dangerous.

Therefore, only those that have received PV training should attempt to install solar panels at a property.

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