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Renewable Energy Courses Skills Can Help Prepare For SmartGrid GB

SmartGrid GB was launched this week, as the revolution in the UK's energy infrastructure continues to transform the way energy is generated, distributed and consumed in every household from now on across the country.Many trainee as well as established working electricians are right now involved in learning the necessary training skills on City & Guilds / BPEC / NICEIC renewable energy courses to levels 2 and 3 - crucially solar PV courses, solar courses and heat pump courses - to be fully qualified to install the new sustainable technology systems as demand rises month on month.What are SmartGrid systems?Smart Grids are basically defined as electricity networks, which are 'intelligent'. For a network to be 'intelligent' they must have the advanced capability to integrate the behaviour and actions of all users - generators and consumers (or both) - who are connected to the system so the means of supplying electricity is more efficient, sustainable, economic and secure.To be able to do this, a smart grid uses new types of products and services together with intelligent monitoring, control, communication, and self-diagnostic technologies. An electrical grid is not a single system but a combined accumulation of multiple networks and power generation companies with many operators using varying levels of communication and coordination, most of which is manually controlled.A Smart Grid can better coordinate the connection and operation of generators of all sizes and technologies and allow consumers to play a part in the most efficient way possible to operate the system. Schemes such as FeedIn Tariffs (FitS) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) may be viewed as?