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Retail Manager trains as an Electrician

Training as an Electrician can be a long process, however, it is a process that is extremely worth it when you are able to begin your new career in the electrical industry. Laura is now finding out all the benefits that come after this process.

A few months ago, Laura was working in the retail industry and after 10 years of it she decided it was time for a change and a new challenge. Laura had worked her way up to retail management, however, she realised that it wasn't the career she wanted to continue and she wanted a fresh start.

Laura began to weigh up her options and see what career path suited her best. After long consideration she decided to go for something a bit different and train to become an Electrician. Laura chose Able Skills to complete her training and she hasn't looked back since.

Laura is now well on her way to her career as an Electrician Laura is now well on her way to her career as an Electrician

After making the decision to train as an Electrician Laura become fully dedicated to her new challenge and her new career in the electrical industry. Now she has finished and completed all of our electrical courses she is ready to start working towards her NVQ.

The instructors were very helpful throughout her whole course, Laura said that made her feel welcome from the very first day. Laura started with the Level 2 Electrical course and now after completing all of the electrical courses she had this to say at the end of her Inspection & Testing course:

"I can’t say thank you enough to everyone at Able Skills, all the office staff from the booking stage to all the instructors have really helped me achieve my qualifications and I am extremely grateful for all their help. I am now ready to start my new career as an Electrician and I look forward to achieve my NVQ and AM2. Thank you so much Able Skills!"

Laura is now well on her way in her new challenge and she is extremely focused and excited for her new career. You can change your career with Able Skills and Laura has shown how it is never too late to change your career and never be scared of taking the plunge in a new industry.

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