Self-Employed plumbers are seeing a sharp increase in wages!


Self-employed earnings have risen on average for plumbers! Recent statistics show that overall in the UK self-employed contractors are earning a great living. The data outlines the earnings of around £59,000 annually - which puts these workers in the top 6% of households by income. Plumbers, in general, are always in demand as it is a trade that is constantly needed. Plumbing is one of the top earners in all construction trades, it seems like a great time to switch careers into plumbing or become self-employed for current gig-working plumbers.

This should be a powerful message to young people that trades are a great way to earn a living and are a great thing to be involved with. Becoming your own boss, the financial freedom and time flexibility is un-matched and hard to replicate in many other career paths outside of trades. Stay away from the "gig economy" and be the conductor of your own life.

Where are these plumbers working?


Don't presume that these fantastic earnings are just for those working in the capital. In fact, plumbers in the East Midlands saw the biggest increase in weekly earnings, rising 15.8% to £1,282. London was second with an approximate increase of 5% to £1014. There is work across the country, everywhere that people live plumbers are required, obviously, more populated areas will mean that you are more likely to obtain constant work.

Looking to get some plumbing training?


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