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Small businesses checks to increase seasonal work for plumbers?

Plumbers aren't just finding domestic work at this time of year. In fact, many small businesses are using the Christmas break to look over their premises and carry out any necessary maintenance work.

As one of the largest SME insurers in the UK, AXA is encouraging its clients to be prepared for the impact the weather can have on a building by carrying out work early.

Plumbers are being called in to look over boilers and pipes, while electricians and other tradespeople are helping small businesses to look over other areas of their property, particularly the tiles, to ensure all is secured in case bad weather hits.

Darrell Sansom, managing director of AXA Business Insurance, commented: “Winter weather can mean real problems for small businesses and while the focus might be on simply keeping things going during the bad weather, there are many other potential hazards that business owners should be prepared for. We would urge people to spend just a bit of time ensuring that they protect themselves and their business as best as possible.”

Storms have already battered much of the UK this winter, but colder conditions are due to set in towards the end of January, which could cause particular problems for businesses in the north of the country.