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Solar PV Courses Qualifications For The Microgeneration Certification Scheme

Professionally trained and verified solar installers who have completed full time solar PV courses or solar water heating courses can add to gaining a substantial footholding in their relevant industry and build a longterm, credible reputation by the requirements of registration and affiliation to key national, regulatory bodies in order to legally carry out their trade. This is very different from simply displaying any number of dubious logo stickers on a van side door!Too often, news surfaces in the press of yet another instance of illegal gas, water or electrical installation by an apparently untrained or unqualified tradesperson, which only serves to undermine the professional high standards striving to be maintained in industries traditionally plagued with a 'cowboy' reputation.At AblesSkills Renewable Energy Centre, a full curriculum of renewable energy courses approved by BPEC, City & Guilds and NICEIC enable committed students to learn the comprehensive knowledge and skillset required in the relevant subject area such as solar photovoltaics or on solar courses, to levels 2 and 3 and with options to further course specialisation.In the rising industry of renewable energy, great efforts are being made to ensure that the correct and safe installation of key technology systems, vital to the UK's commitment to 20 per cent emission reduction by 2020, are set into place in order to gain the confidence of the consumer marketplace. At stake is ?