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Solar PV Courses Training For Domestic and Large Scale Projects.

The current FeedIn Tariffs review being undertaken by the coalition government proposes to reduce the level of incentives available to solar PV installations with over 50kW capacity to protect financial support and development of residential, community and small business PV solar panel installations.A cause of some concern within the industry, under the post-review proposals due to come in on August 1st, solar installations from 50kW to 150kW will receive just 19p/kWh, mid-sized installations with 150kW to 250kW capacity just 15p/kWh, and solar farms with between 250kW and 5MW a meagre 8.5p/kWh. An average household solar panel system is around 2.5kw.The February fast-track review was launched to look into how the Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) worked for solar photovoltaic systems over 50 kW after evidence revealed that there could already be 169 MW of large scale solar capacity planned or the equivalent to funding solar panels for around 50,000 domestic properties if tariffs were left unchanged.Yet, larger scale PV solar projects just completed and those confirmed to proceed are, coincidentally, also in the news, showing that the photovoltaic industry is continuing to grow despite of the review cutbacks, as can be seen in the following brief examples:A 'Solar Project,' has recently been announced, which involves the installation of free solar panels on more than 30,000 UK homes by Newcastle-based heating and renewable energy provider Eaga, who have to date installed 1,000 solar PV systems, and are soon to be taken over by giant support services company, Carillion.In addition, Infinite Energy, in partnership with Screwfast, have launched 'ElectroPort', the UK's first modular solar PV panel car park canopy, which can be installed on any car park to generate both onsite solar energy and form part of a charging point for electric cars.More good news comes from Corby Borough Council, who have also just announced one of the largest commercial council solar PV projects in the country, which will see the installation of solar arrays on as many council owned properties as?